• Life at REV Asia

  • Welcome to REV Asia

    By way of introduction, we are a social media company. Our days are a balance of propagating viral content on social media, and as it goes, producing viral content ourselves. How can we work to build the axis mundi of the latest trends, share-worthy news, and cute gifs? That's the challenge we work with everyday. We hope to be the next big thing in Malaysian media, SE-Asian media and eventually rule the world. It's not impossible.


    On the other hand, we take pride in actively building our office culture. We invest in deriving creativity, adapt to the unpredictability of the millennium and more importantly, provide a level of comfort for us to compete and produce the best. It also helps us focus on the bigger picture - the team, the journey, the climb. With leadership and collaboration, we aim to build the next Silicon Valley right here in the heart of Malaysia.

    At REV Asia, we practice a culture of freedom, success and joy. The culture creates a working experience that fosters collaboration, individuality and opportunity to grow. This empowerment has become a pillar of our growth. We believe the fear-free environment and organisational democracy practiced at SAYS will only improve trust among team members and tighten unity.


    We've been recognized and named as one of the World's Most Democratic Workplaces by WorldBlu for 3 years on the trot (2012, 2013 & 2014). It is an achievement which we will strive to uphold and sustain for the years to come. We believe great ideas can come from any individual in the company, and a democratic workplace allows a seamless flow of ideas to be organised and realised.

  • The 5 Pillars

    Achieve The Impossible

    We constantly challenge ourselves to achieving ‘impossible’ targets. We've found that after hitting them often enough, achieving the impossible becomes a habit. It can become the way we live and what an incredible way to live!

    Go For Growth

    As the world grows and grows, what stays the same is in fact, dying. Technology is ever changing. Best practices are constantly evolving. As we continue pursuing what keeps us on a path of high growth, we too, together grow to be better in this journey.


    Brilliant ideas and good intentions need speed to create impact. Especially in our industry of constant change, speed helps us stay ahead, and lead the change.


    In the little things, and the big things. Sometimes, when the ‘right’ answer is hard to find, our own opinions could potentially undermine the best outcomes. Choosing to care about the needs and points of view of others help us identify new solutions and insights – and more often than not, the ‘right’ answer comes when we consider what works for others and put our care into action!

    Keep It Real

    Being authentic, genuine, and true to yourself are ever so important in a world that won’t tolerate fake-ness. We embrace individual uniqueness and believe truth always prevails. Keeping it real earns trust and decreases stress. Keeping it real builds genuine relationships in the workplace and it feels great!

  • Team Culture

    Living our fullest potential through our life’s work.

    Level Up

    At SAYS, job descriptions of an individual is co-written with its team’s members. It is also regularly updated and refined via what we call the Level Up process. This is where the team meets together to update and refine each other’s job descriptions. The words used to describe the role is written, tweaked, and updated, as well as be given self-rating and team-rating on how well they fulfill what is required of them by the team.


    What follows is an open dialogue, a debate in semantics, and the outcome is always increased clarity and accountability to each other. And most of all, people know that they always, always have a choice in what they do and don’t do at work!


    Individuals are also encouraged to learn new skills and knowledge from other teams resulting in a continuous flow of micro-innovations in each of everyone's roles and opportunities for new talents to emerge.


    Before the sun goes down every Friday, we have a little ritual that involves all who are present in the office. Every team member, client, partner, friend, and special guest shares one or two things they are grateful for that has happened in the week.


    Great-itude opens people up, giving team members the chance to share happenings in their life and what they value. Listening and learning about people from different teams helps us stay connected.


    This is hands down, our most enduring ritual, held weekly without fail for over 5 years at SAYS. Some of our 50 over guests have brought this ritual back to their own companies! Oh, and did you know being grateful is scientifically proven to increase happiness too?

    24-Hour Rule

    Imagine a workplace where honesty and truth are prevalent in the work culture. A place where people are free to speak their minds in contributing constructive feedback and fighting for truth. With the passion to achieve exactly that, comes a ritual known as the 24-Hour rule.


    In a nutshell, the 24-Hour Rule encourages us to speak up honestly about issues that nibble us deep down rather than keeping things buried inside. Sometimes, silence is NOT golden. Not happy with how something is going in the team? Voice it out. Let the team know. Is there a company-wide issue that needs to be addressed? Bring it up to the management team. Resolve things together.


    Outcome is the boss, and nobody should be afraid to challenge each other for the betterment of the company.

    Open Office Culture

    We often ask ourselves: how can we optimise our work space to facilitate communication and collaboration among teams and individuals? How can good design help keep us focused, milk creativity and build an inviting atmosphere all at once?


    We want people to open up to each other for more fluid interactions, rapid sharing of ideas, and faster decision making. We dislike cubicles simply because we see them as barriers - you know the whole boxed up feeling.


    Metres of IdeaPaint walls, music playlists, glass phone booths, standing desks and writeable surfaces, we hack every corner of our office to make our office space conducive so we work better.

  • Perks

    Because small things make a big difference.

    Free Breakfast

    Being a young company with the average age of 26, most of us have a pretty bad habit of skipping breakfast. We have a theory this is due to ‘delayed adolescence’ where most young adults wake up too late to have breakfast and conveniently delay their first meal to lunch time. 


    Some scientists say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So to get people eating every morning, we relentlessly stuff everyone with free breakast to help kickstart the day. Whether it's nasi lemak, fruits, cereals, cheese tarts, or sandwiches, nobody at SAYS should go hungry the moment they enter the Penthouse.

    Flexible Working Hours

    We treat everyone at SAYS as intelligent and mature adults who pro-actively take ownership of their own roles and responsibilities. Building on such trust, each individual is given the freedom on how exactly they want to get their work done.


    We understand that at times a person may need to work from home due to an emergency or some unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes, a person may feel more productive working from a quiet café while sipping on a hot cup of latté. Or, we may feel the need to work on a weekend on a special project. So we say, why not? We leave it entirely to the team to work it out. Sometimes, an entire team opts to work at a place outside of the office too!


    Everyone is empowered to have various flexibilities as long as we take ownership and full responsibility of our role and tasks. We believe flexi-time offers a better opportunity for one to strike a balance between work and other commitments, a better work-life balance, and a greater sense of being in control of our working life.

    Active Lifestyle

    Staring at computer screens all day can be taxing on our bodies. When we need a quick break to recharge at the office, we start fiery games of ping pong, build wrist muscles over some foosball, trash a colleague in pool or cruise around the office on a penny board. 


    There's also the option to join in on regular badminton and futsal sessions.

    Education Funds

    In keeping ourselves true to the 'Go For Growth' pillar, a monthly budget is dedicated solely for SAYS employees to pursue any form of learning, be it a seminar, conference, course, or workshop.


    Continuous learning helps everyone keep up with the latest technology, practices, methods, and systems around the world. We believe in individual empowerment - the more knowledgeably equipped and smarter our employees are, the better the company performs. Some of the events attended over the years include Developers Conference, Millionaire Mind Intensive, and Business Operation courses.


    There's also a book fund for employees to buy new books. Books can either be for the company or personal use, including self-development, academic and fiction as long as they contribute to the levelling up of the company as a whole.

  • SAYS Philosophy


     Don't Be A Bozo.


    Go All-In On What You Believe In.


    Outcome Is The Boss.


    Small Minds Care About Small Things.


    Fight For Truth.

    Seek For Forgiveness, Not Permission.


    Dream Big. Never Limit Yourself.

    Life Is Not Made Of Ups And Downs But A Series Of Turning Points.

    Don't Get Stuck Feeling Sorry. Spend The Energy Taking Actions.